Digital Scale MS Digital T6, T30, T50

MS Digital T6, T30, T50


The MS mailing scale accurately weighs and determines the exact postage needed for all your mails, parcels and even courier documents/parcels. Its sleek design compliments any office, and the primary features include:

Price Updating

User programming of new prices and weights to save cost. Alternately the scale can be completely updated by fitting a new microchip to cope with any complex changes.

User programmed keys

These allow customers to key in special rates or independent carrier rates. Frequently used combinations of keys may also be programmed onto one “macro” key.


Full weight, price and description of service with country code. This doubles as a “prompt” for operator assistance.


A complete range of local and overseas letters and parcels. All models are sensitive enough to handle light airmail to heavy parcels in one unit. Includes Poslaju rates.

Large Display

Large display to show status, readings & error messages- more user friendly

Rate shopping

All units display a cheaper service or price if available


The unique keyboard has been designed to allow the easy updating of text, cheaply and neatly with no messy “stickers”.

Item Counting

The scales are accurate to a fraction or a gram and can be used for counting leaflets, envelopes, coins or other small items.


The only postal weighing scale that can incorporates rates for courier services.