Compact guillotine for cutting of digital prints – with touch pad for back gauge positioning and IR light beam safety curtain

SCS - Safety package

The “SCS” safety package ensures absolute operational safety during cutting and servicing. Central elements of “SCS” are the transparent safety guards for the working area, and the covers over the rear tables of all guillotines. IDEAL office guillotines are fitted with pivoting guards on the front table, which lock themselves mechanically or electrically during cutting. For the bigger guillotines, electronically controlled light beam guards provide total operational safety. When entering the cutting zone or when lifting the guard, the cutting process is immediately interrupted – a disc brake ensures instant stopping of the blade, and an automatic return to the safe position is activated. Further unique features of the “SCS” safety package for the electric guillotines are the patented IDEAL safety drive, the tamper-proof 24-volt controls, main switch, safety lock with key, and the truly two-handed operation with synchronised activator buttons. For the manually operated guillotines, a safety catch must be released to allow the cutting lever to be lowered, so ensuring two-handed operation for non-electric machines. The “SCS” package extends to servicing such as changing the blade or cutting stick. There is no need to remove any machine casing. An easy to handle blade-changing device provides a covering of the cutting edge and a safe hook-in device for the blade carrier. By locating and holding the unbolted blade, this device guarantees quick and risk-free blade replacement. The cutting stick is very easy to remove from the side of the machine in order to turn or change it. IDEAL Paper Cutting Machines are “GS” approved, correspond to the European “CE” Standard, are “UL” listed, and thus fulfil strict international safety requirements and accident prevention regulations. “SCS” is an exceptional safety system, designed by IDEAL to meet and even exceed these international parameters.