MultiChannel Marketing Software to manage physical and digital communication

You can tailor content to your recipient's specific needs. This means you can control the communication process, cut costs and improve customer satisfaction. The coexistence of physical mail and digital communications requires tightly coordinated management of the different communication channels. The efficiency of this multi-channel approach relies on the quality of the data related to each contact. Neopost provides a whole array of solutions for SMEs to help them manage these processes and improve their performance.

Our range of document management system

Software Solution Neopost OMS-200
OMS-200 Output Management Software

Get the Best from Your Folder Inserter to Enhance Your Customer Communications

OMS-200 enhances documents providing control and intelligence for the Neopost folding and inserting machine, allowing automated collation, folding,...

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Multichannel Output Management Software : OMS-500

Flexible & Powerful Multichannel Output Management Software

OMS-500 by Neopost is the new user-friendly and flexible software developed by Neopost Document Solutions. This intuitive, web-based solution provides...

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