Revolutionary double sheet processing print-to-mail pressure sealer

The Duo Seal offers the revolutionary pressure sealer of two sheets processing and provides 6 pages content in duplex printing at maximum. Since not only the entire processing can be done at a time but also it comes with a security solution preventing from unwanted mail-contents exposure, the DuoSeal is ideal for Internet Hybrid Mail Solution. Also its combinational functions of the StandAlone Pressure Sealer of Print-To-Mail Pressure Seal system offers the best solution for the Outsourcing Mailing Business.

Enhanced Infeed Cooling Control System

Dehumidifying & Cooling Interface System offers stable job processing by removing heat and humid delivered from the printer and eventually the most reliable solution for continuous jobs for hours

Perfect Security of Structural Design

Advanced Security-Concerned Design offers only the authorized operator to look into the inside of the machine in order to process mailing jobs securely.

Most Advanced Sealing System
Uniquely designed Sealing System guarantees extremely quiet & smooth job processing of double sheets and flawless sealing performance & quality.
Paper Detection for Double Sheets Processing

Auto-Identifying the feature of forms being fed from the printer prevents from any incidents that may be caused by double feeding.

Auto Slide Conveyor Enables Processing Continuous Jobs

The Conveyor extends automatically and stacks up to 600 sheets and its quick & easy accessibility to stacked forms being processed enables processing continuous jobs.