Heavy duty and highly intelligent print-to-mail Pressure Sealer

The Mailfinisher 9500 offers the most heavy duty print-to-mail Pressure Sealer and comes with various security solutions. It provides excellent sealing quality with the 2 pairs of Press roller and is capable of processing of 500,000 forms per month.

Auto Slide Conveyor Enables Processing Continuous Jobs

Conveyor extends automatically and stacks up to 600 sheets and its quick & easy accessibility to stacked forms being processed enables processing continuous jobs.

Double Detect with Auto By-pass

An integrated imaging system detects unrecognized papers and double feed, diverting them into the by-pass tray.

Huge Duty Cycle up to 500,000 Sheets Per Month

Enhanced mechanism provides easy & full accessibility to each units of the Mailfinisher 9500 & enable to process 500,000 sheets per month.

Advanced Sealing System

Uniquely designed Sealing System guarantees extremely quite & smooth job processing and flawless sealing performance & quality.