Dependable mid-range print-to-mail Desktop Pressure Sealer

New Inline Solutions which is compatible for various kind of printers. The Mailfinisher 3000D (MF3000D) was designed for low volume operators needing high quality sealing while operating in-line with laser printers. MF3000D can be connected with various printers as such as OKI (Color), HP & Kyocera printers. The MF3000D is based on OM3D technology which means it benefits from the same high quality sealing and low noise level
Perfect Sealing Quality & Extremely Low Noise Level, Perfect for any office environment.
The Mailfinisher 3000D is based on the officemate 3D tried and tested technology. It benefits from the same high sealing quality and low noise level.

Printer Compatibility

MF3000D is compatible for various kind of printers.

Double In-feed Detection
The MF3000D has double in-feed detection fitted as standard. In the unlikely event of a double feed, the machine detects this and automatically stops the machine to prevent a paper jam.
Total/Batch Counter

You can check the total counter and adjust the batch counter within the display menu.

Information Display Panel

User friendly Menu giving you all the information you require.