The most ecomomical Desktop Pressure Sealer

The Officemate 2D offers a real office-friendly Pressure Sealer with perfect sealing quality and extremely low noise level. It is capable of precessing of 2,000 forms per hour

Perfect Sealing Quality & Extremely Low Noise Level

The officemate 2D has the most advanced pressure sealing technology (international patent submitted) with its lightweight, excellent sealing quality and extremely low noise level and brings worth in office environment.

Easy Maintenance Structure

With easy maintenance as remarkable features of Welltec System Pressure Sealers, The Officemate 2D offers you new concept of convenience.

Excellence Folding Quality

Excellent folding quality even with plain paper based on Welltec System's most advanced technology.

Compact and Dynamic Design

With differentiated technology & dynamic design & remarkable improved performance, the Officemate 2D enables you to strengthen your business.