Advance feeding technology for high volume applications

The Postmate 6 offers the advanced heavy duty Desktop Pressure Sealer. It porvides the superior FRR (Friction Reverse Roller) with a cooling system. Up to 1,400 Sheets can be loaded in the feeder and processed at speeds up to 9,000 sheets per hour. It alsso provides great sealing quality with the 4 Press rollirs.

Large Capacity In-feed Tray.

Easy to load, auto-life in-feed hopper holds up to 800 pressure seal forms for time saving throughput processing.

Friction Reverse Roller with a Cooling System
The Friction Reverse Roller system with a cooling fan allows Postmate 6 to smoothly operate at a fast speed.
4-Roller Sealing Rollers

A second pairs of sealing rollers enables enhancednsealing quality at speeds up to 9,000 per hour.

Easy Maintenance & Heavy Duty

Slide-out type fold-cassette offers easy maintenance and enhanced parts and life cycle on roller allow Postmate 6 to operate up to 300,000 sheets per month.

Adjustable Speed

Adjustable Speed allows operator to work at a comfortable speed and quiet environment.